Arms Control in (and Beyond) the Middle East

A New-Med conference entitled “Arms Control in (and Beyond) the Middle East” will take place in Tehran on July 16, 2019. A number of leading experts from various Middle Eastern and European countries will look into the security challenges and conflict dynamics in the MENA region, focusing on three main themes: the latest developments in the ongoing conflicts and their regional reverberations; the future of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and the prospect for regional arms control, including the EU-sponsored proposal for a Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction (WMD) Free Zone in the Middle East; the changing political alignments and the role played by external powers. Speakers and participants will explore the concrete possibilities of new forms of international cooperation involving Iran that can contribute to lessening the tensions between rival actors and paving the way for a concerted management of conflict situations.