Climate Change and Security in the Mediterranean: Exploring the Nexus, Unpacking International Policy Responses

This volume examines the multidimensional relationship between climate change and security across Mediterranean Basin states and societies, underscoring the key social, political and economic challenges of the present climate emergency and outlining possible cooperative avenues to mitigate its most adverse effects. Part of a broader research and engagement agenda on climate and the environment undertaken by the New-Med Research Network since 2020, individual chapters, written by leading scientists, academics and policy researchers, tackle different dimensions of the climate change-security nexus in the Mediterranean, assessing its implications on state and societal resilience, the future of living ecosystems and the stability of social contracts as well as the urgent need to strengthen genuine intra-Mediterranean collaboration to face the climate emergency and promote an equitable sharing of the risks and burdens associated with the green energy transition.

Volume produced within the framework of the New-Med Research Network.

Editors: Andrea Dessì and Flavia Fusco
Authors: Niklas Bremberg, Wolfgang Cramer, Andrea Dessì, Philippe Drobinski, Flavia Fusco, Joël Guiot, Silvia Pariente-David, Luca Raineri

Details: Rome, Nuova Cultura, May 2022, 146 p. : ill. (IAI Research Studies ; 9)
ISBN/ISSN/DOI: ISBN 978-88-3365-458-4

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