Hassan Boubakri


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Hassan Boubakri is Professor of Geography at the University of Sousse and President of the Tunis Center for Migration and Asylum (CeTuMA). He is an expert at the European Commission for the programme "Civil Society Forum - Neighbourhood South" on Migration and Mobility in the Mediterranean Hassan Boubakri was the scientific coordinator for Tunisia of the research programme "POWER2YOUTH: Freedom, dignity and justice: A comprehensive approach to the understanding of youth exclusion and the prospects for youth inclusion and overall change in the South and East Mediterranean" (2014-2017). He was also coordinator for Tunisa of the "MICIC" (Migrants In Countries In Crisis) research programme (April-September 2016). Hassan Boubakri worked as a consultant to the Ministry of Social Affairs (Office of Tunisians Abroad / OTE), the League of Arab States, UNHCR (Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees), ILO (International Labor Office) and UNESCO. He has been co-scientific director of the MiCoDev research programme "New Migrations, Globalization and Co Development" (2010-2012), co-scientific leader of the research programme DéRCIT-Regional Development and International Cooperation in Tunisia (2014-2016) and coordinator of the research programme entitled "Maghreb and new international migration patterns: mobility and networks » (1999-2002). His research focuses, among other things, on migratory movements in the cross-border fringe between Libya and Tunisia, the link between migration and development and the condition of foreigners in Tunisia.